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"AutoLearner has been a great resource to introduce my 2-year-old son to the alphabet...I am so happy to have found this!"
Stephanie, mother of three, Hermosa Beach, CA

AutoLearner™ is an educational product, proudly made in America, designed for preschool and early elementary school-aged children.  Parents or other caregivers use the lessons as a starting point to talk with the child while spending time in the car and engaging him or her in an educational conversation. 
AutoLearner was developed with three goals in mind:
  • Utilizing time in the car to  build pre-reading skills and vocabulary
  • Developing bonds between caregivers and children
  • Making learning fun  
Research on early childhood education indicates that the earlier in a child's educational development parental involvement begins, the more powerful the effects. Studies also show that learning is enhanced by social interaction with parents.  Autolearner was developed with the goal of social interaction in mind. Autolearner capitalizes and targets a window of opportnity when children are young and pliable enough to eagerly participate in such interaction. It provides an easy to use conversational tool for parents/caregivers to use in the car to facilitate interaction and inspire learning and build basic skills.  We believe that this interaction whether it is parent-child, caregiver-child or child-child is fundamental to creating meaningful learning.  

AutoLearner consists of a plastic lesson holder that attaches to the front-seat headrest of a car and holds interchangeable educational lessons.  The plastic holder sits facing the child so he/she can easily view the material inserted into the affixed sleeve.   The educational lessons consist of color layouts highlighting educational information for children, such as alphabet, numbers, colors, letter sounds and everyday objects. 


To learn more about the lessons, see sample pages or purchase downloadable files, click below. 

·     Alphabet, A-Z

·     Colors

·     Numbers 1-10

·     Vowel and Combination Sounds

·     Consonant Blends and Digraphs


Each lesson comes with a guide with suggested discussion topics for parents and caregivers. 
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